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November’s National Novel Writing Month: We’re surrounded by storytellers

THE NATIONAL NOVEL WRITING MONTH will begin on the 1st of November. The annual challenge will transform budding and established writers into hermits in a hurry to heave their words, resulting in a haphazard – or highly skilled – 50,000 word novel by midnight on 30th November.

In fact, we are surrounded by storytellers, many of whom we may not even notice.

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The Broadmoor Patient’s Historical Tribunal – Behaving according to how we are labelled

FOR THE FIRST TIME IN HISTORY, the plea for freedom by mental health patient, Albert Haines, is being publicly heard in a two-day tribunal that began yesterday.

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Breaking News: First easyJet, now…Fastjet! (Anything’s better than Ryan Air)

THE FOUNDER OF EASYJET, Sir Stelios Haji-Ioannou, is to set up a new airline called Fastjet (it must have taken him ages to think of the name).

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TIPS FOR TRAVELLERS – What you should know!

Over the Italian Alps. Some rights reserved - see below.

I BRING YOU SIX YEARS of experience working in the travel industry, in both the consumer and corporate realms, along with over 12 years trotting all over the globe.

Here are my top 21 very useful tips for all avid travellers – some of which travel agents would rather keep from you!

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