The sound of your own voice: Woman aged 29 hears her voice for the first time

THE NEXT TIME YOU FEEL like complaining about waking up early in the morning and going to work, the number of bills that just fell onto your doormat, why you can’t be thinner, prettier or wealthier, just remember that some people are grateful for the simplest things in life that we may not even realise are there. Such as the sound of their own voice.

Mrs Sarah Churman, 29, from America was born deaf and nine weeks ago, she was fitted with a state-of-the-art hearing implant called Esteem by Envoy Medical.

Her husband decided to film the moment when the device was switched on and sound entered into Mrs Churman’s life for the first time. She can now hear the laughter of her three-year-old daughter and converse freely with her husband.

She is so overwhelmed that she is simply lost for words; for finding the voice to express the words she had lost for her whole life until now. Almost 4.5 million viewers have already watched the moving footage on YouTube:

Be grateful for having a voice to voice yourself.

– Monica Sarkar

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3 thoughts on “The sound of your own voice: Woman aged 29 hears her voice for the first time

  1. jodylan89 says:

    That’s so touching 🙂

  2. sousalz says:

    We tend to forget all the little blessings we have in out life… Gratitude Gratitude Gratitude!

  3. Monica Sarkar says:

    Absolutely! We take far too much for granted and situations like this show how much!

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