HOT HOTELS: Banjaar Tola, India

Banjaar Tola, India. Some rights reserved - see below.

What’s hot?

Named after the Banjaar Tola river, this safari lodge is located by the banks overlooking the tranquil forest of Kanha National Park, home to exotic animals such as tigers, deers and langur monkeys.The rooms

The accommodation consists of just eleven luxurious and secluded tented camps and suites complete with all the amenities of a top class hotel room. Each lodge is a haven of luxury set amidst the beauty of the forest, where you can hear the sounds and calls of jungle life.

The food

The food is sumptuous, with the chef’s personal take on many traditional Indian dishes. The chef, called Yatin, had worked with Gordon Ramsay before taking up his post at this resort.

In the early hours of the morning, when I would wake up to start my first game drive of the day, a warm and friendly butler would deliver tea and cookies through the hatch of my lodge.

Lunches would be served on the privacy of my own deck, overlooking the river and the edge of the forest. I also enjoyed dinner whilst sat by the river or by the resort’s pool.

The most memorable meal was delicious packed lunches in the heart of the forest, set against a backdrop of ancient Sal trees and accompanied by the calls of the birds and monkeys.

Special touches

Being a lone female traveller, I was a rare sight, almost as much as spotting a tiger in the forest. But I was taken care of like a princess and when I left, I felt like I had been in the company of close friends.

The safari trips are highly recommended, which are led by professional and experienced naturalists and guides.

What’s the damage?

£250 – £420 per person per night, all-inclusive including two safari trips daily.

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