HOT HOTELS: Mahua Kothi, India

Mahua Kothi, India. Some rights reserved - see below.

What’s hot?

Set in the surrounding area of Bandhavgarh National Park in Madhya Pradesh (central state of India), the tented lodges of this resort are designed to replicate traditional Indian village-style cottages, called Kutiyas.

Location, location, location

Set in the midst of the Madhya Pradesh (central state of India) forest, the resort is a 4-hour drive from Jabalpur airport and the resort can organise airport transfers for you.

For all of the airport and train station options, visit the following link: 

The rooms

With mud-like walls and earthy features, the rooms manage to maintain a luxurious feel whilst creating an ambience of rural Indian home life. The rainforest shower, enclosed by echoing stone walls, is particularly noteworthy.

The food

With an all-inclusive service, I had dinner alongside other visitors in the hotel’s restaurant. We enjoyed delicious traditional Indian dishes.

Sumptuous lunches were served in the privacy of my own courtyard with a professional and polite waiter adding a special touch to the service.

On the final night of my stay, an outdoor dinner was organised with a special dance performance by local villagers.

For the early morning starts to go on safari, I was thoughtfully delivered tea and snacks to my lodge in the early hours.


The safari excursions are a must at the popular Bandhavgarh National Park. The organisers of the park are particularly sensitive to the needs of the wildlife and assign each jeep to a particular route within the forest. This avoids a traffic jam of jeeps whenever a tiger is spotted, which can scare and crowd the animal.

The tigers are so familiar with jeeps that they don’t tend to shy away when one approaches. I was lucky enough to spot one very close in my last trip into the forest – read about my experience here: There’s a tiger over there!

Other facilities include a swimming pool, safari shop and spa service.

What’s the damage?

£145 – £230 per person per night all-inclusive including laundry and game drives (subject to specific dates).

For further information and to book, visit:

Read more here:  Tiger Prowl In Madhya Pradesh

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