HOT HOTELS: Anantara Veli, Maldives

Anantara, Maldives. Some rights reserved – see below.

What’s hot?

This spacious resort is spread across three of the emerald islands of the Maldives. If you stay on the islands of Dhigu or Veli, you can use the facilities on either island, giving you ample choice of restaurants and sunbathing spots.

To/From the airport

The hotel includes transfers to and from Male airport within its rates, which is via speedboat and the journey takes just over 30 minutes.

Location, location, location

Away from it all but close enough to the capital city of Male for day trips or business meetings.

The rooms

I stayed in a stunning, deluxe over water bungalow and I would highly recommend staying above the ocean. It was constructed with wood and featured a thatched roof and was positioned on metal stilts fixed into the ocean bed. There was plenty of space and a huge 2-tier sundeck and a metal-rung ladder led down to the ocean from the lower deck.

The bathroom was huge and had a Terazzo bath overlooking the ocean that could probably fit about 5 normal-sized bathers. The shower and WC had doors that opened out to the ocean, so there’s always the feeling of being close to the natural surroundings. There were even baby sharks swimming by, but thankfully they were non-aggressive and the parents were nowhere to be seen!

The food

There were five restaurants to choose from and the food was fantastic. In particular, I enjoyed the Baan Hura Thai restaurant, which is set on a pier that stretches out into the ocean. The setting was beautiful and the food and service were of top quality.

Special touches

Kayaks and snorkelling equipment were available for hire free of charge (please check if this has changed) and are great additions to the trip to explore the ocean even further.

There were also many tours available, including a day trip to the capital city of Male. However, it was quite an adjustment being in a city environment with busy roads, crowds and not being able to see the ocean all around.

I also booked a dolphin watching trip, which I would highly recommend. I was taken far out into the ocean and within a very short time, I was surrounded by these enchanting animals, who swam alongside the speedboat. The dolphins are known as “Spinner Dolphins”, as they propel themselves from underneath the water and appear on the surface spinning on their tails. And every so often, flying fish would hurtle across the ocean.

The layout of the resort compliments the natural beauty of the islands without being obtrusive and is the perfect place to take in the breathtaking beauty of the islands.

What’s the damage?

£405 – £900 per person per night subject to tax. The hotel has special offers and packages available on their website.

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