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Top 10 tips on how to banish holiday blues

Flying over the Maldives – by Monica Sarkar

MANY OF US would have treated ourselves to a well-deserved end-of-year break as the year wound down to a close. But can we face coming back home?

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Returning to our roots: Emigrating to India

Photographed by Monica Sarkar. Some rights reserved – see below.

INDIANS HAVE FLED in their millions in pursuit of the greener side of the globe. In 2006, an estimated 25 million people of Indian origin lived overseas.

So it’s not surprising to find more than a few raised eyebrows when this trend started to shift and there is an increased number of UK residents packing up their lives and settling in India. Continue reading

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Getting off on the wrong foot: Can India qualify for the World Cup?

AS THE WARSAW EURO 2012 stadium opened over the weekend, patriots and football fans all over the world are eagerly awaiting the 14th European Championship, taking place between 8 June – 1 July. Continue reading

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Will we see another snow white London this year?

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Snow in the city

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Egypt protests: Defenceless animals caught in our crossfire

Photographed by Karim Molyneux-Berry

“WITH GAS MASKS ON and our determination, we went running in right away in order to break the lock,” says 22-year old Egyptian Hend Ghorab, a student in Cairo.

She wasn’t risking her life to save people. She was saving animals. Forgotten animals of war and conflict.

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The Riots ablaze the Tricycle Theatre stage

THE SMELL OF TOXIC GAS engulfed the small interior of the Tricycle Theatre. Audience members covered their noses and shot one other alarming looks. I waited to hear an announcement to evacuate the building. Then the play began.

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