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Earth’s obituary (if one day, it really does end)


By Monica Sarkar

There isn’t another being that could have borne the stresses and strains of this celestial body. The phenomenal weight of over seven billion human beings and millions of species of animals, plants and algae, to be a bit more precise. Continue reading

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Gray wolves no longer endangered but allowed to be killed

Photographed by Bernd Meiseberg

The US Government announced on Friday they have taken gray wolves in Wyoming off the endangered species list.

This follows a successful 20-year breeding programme, after the animals were almost wiped out. But, it means they lose protection and are subject to unregulated killing by hunters and those protecting their livestock.

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Animal farm in London

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Londoners are used to spotting pigeons pecking along pavements and train platforms, dogs on leashes and surly cats roaming the streets. But they rarely get the chance to get close to animals.

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Government faces court battle after backtracking on circus animals ban

The government were threatened last week with a High Court challenge after persistently refusing to implement a ban of wild animals in UK circuses.

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Egypt protests: Defenceless animals caught in our crossfire

Photographed by Karim Molyneux-Berry

“WITH GAS MASKS ON and our determination, we went running in right away in order to break the lock,” says 22-year old Egyptian Hend Ghorab, a student in Cairo.

She wasn’t risking her life to save people. She was saving animals. Forgotten animals of war and conflict.

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Breaking News: Africa’s western black rhino is extinct

THE INTERNATIONAL UNION for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) has officially declared the wild black rhino as extinct.

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Breaking News: Javan rhino is ‘extinct in Vietnam’

THERE IS ONE JAVAN RHINO left in the Vietnam wilderness deeming the species extinct in the country.

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Breaking News: Endangered Animals Freed and Shot Dead in Ohio

FORTY-EIGHT WILD ANIMALS – including 18 Bengal tigers, 17 lions and two grizzly bears – were shot dead by police today after a released prisoner freed animals from his Ohio game preserve, before shooting himself.

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Smooth Criminals: The sophisticated tiger trade

The tiger trade is one of the largest criminal networks in the world, fetching around $10 billion a year. Comparatively, the cocaine trade is worth $70 billion, placing the two infamous industries on a similar scale.

The tiger parts trade is extremely complex and highly sophisticated, making it a tricky trade to understand and eradicate. And the fact that the Chinese government turns a blind eye means it continues to flourish in the background.

There used to be over 100,000 tigers roaming freely in the wild by the 20th century. Now, there are around 3,200 left. And counting. The mightiest animal in the jungle is now also the most vulnerable.

The reason for the decline? Human(un)kind – please hold your bloody hands up.

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Breaking News: Virgin Atlantic to use world’s first low carbon fuel

IT’S A KNOWN FACT that airlines have heavy-weighted carbon footprints that can walk all over and blacken a world that should be green.

Virgin Atlantic have announced they will be using the world’s first fuel that uses half the carbon footprint of the usual fossil fuel that is used by other airlines.

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