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Earth’s obituary (if one day, it really does end)


By Monica Sarkar

There isn’t another being that could have borne the stresses and strains of this celestial body. The phenomenal weight of over seven billion human beings and millions of species of animals, plants and algae, to be a bit more precise. Continue reading

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Never ask a child what they want to be when they grow up

Creator unknown

Creator unknown

“Where has the year gone?!” exclaim many of us, as Christmas decorations twinkle at us from high street shop windows (okay, they’ve actually been there since August) and we start reflecting on 10 fleeting months.

But for many people, especially university and college students, this is just the beginning of the rest of their lives. Chances are, days upon days were spent scouring through books, deciding on the perfect subject of study, along with soul-searching as though they were lost at sea. Continue reading

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Gray wolves no longer endangered but allowed to be killed

Photographed by Bernd Meiseberg

The US Government announced on Friday they have taken gray wolves in Wyoming off the endangered species list.

This follows a successful 20-year breeding programme, after the animals were almost wiped out. But, it means they lose protection and are subject to unregulated killing by hunters and those protecting their livestock.

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Dalai Lama at the University of Westminster, London

Photographed by Alexandra Buerger:

There are many people who are able to draw and hold attention, but very few that can also command peace. The moment the jovial Dalai Lama stepped onto the modest stage at the University of Westminster in London, the entire audience sighed with joy and then silence fell on us all.

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RIP Robin Gibb: Artists that are listened to, instead of being heard

The Bee Gees with Michael Jackson (

There appears to be a steady stream of sudden deaths among legendary musicians over the past couple of years or so; Michael Jackson, Amy Winehouse, Nate DoggEtta James, Whitney Houston, Donna Summer and now, the ingenious Robin Gibb (RIP).  

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Who can really be social on social media?

Much is being said about the sky-high success of Facebook, which is worth more than $100 billion and used by 1/8th of the world’s population. Twitter also recently reached 10 million UK users.

But have you ever really thought about the people who make up the communities on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter?

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New Twitter campaign: India 4 the FIFA World Cup!

Tattered signboard at Mohun Bagan A.C. Club grounds, Kolkata

Indian football is played down

I am a British-born Indian – Bengali, to be precise – and I have grown up in the midst of one of the longest running football clashes in the world: Mohun Bagan A.C. vs East Bengal F.C.

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Who would you be with right now?

Sit in Peace, Trafalgar Square, 31 March 2012

If you could be with anyone, anywhere right this moment, who and where would you choose?

Maybe you would pick a celebrity you have always admired, or maybe the face of a loved one, past or present, springs to mind. After still reeling from the effects of the Sit in Peace mass meditation event in Trafalgar Square two weeks ago, I would choose to be in the presence of an enlightened master, anywhere.

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Falun Gong: Peace or pandemonium?

Falun Gong, Chinese Embassy

Lilach meditating across the road from the Chinese Embassy in London

The Falun Gong 24-hour peaceful protest has continued for almost 13 years outside the Chinese Embassy in London.

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Bharti Vyas: Running a business beautifully


Bharti Vyas

After spending 30 years in the beauty industry pioneering her concept of holistic therapies to the Western world, Bharti Vyas, 68, is a well respected guru in her field.

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