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How football is changing lives of Indian slum girls


By Monica Sarkar

As soon as I heard about Franz Gastler, I had to find out more. A middle-class American man, living in India’s poorest state of Jharkhand, teaching young girls football and helping them gain independence.

When I met him, he was expanding his initiative to Dharavi slum – India’s largest slum – whilst living there too.

Read my article on the BBC website and watch this space for a potential documentary and book.

Find out more about Franz’s initiative Yuwa – meaning youth in Hindi.

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Dear Mr Jeremy Clarkson…

Dearest Mr Clarkson,

So, the BBC has decided to dismiss the hundreds of complaints against Top Gear India and Downing Street refuses to put you or the BBC at fault. I bet you’re grinning from ear to ear and treating your companions to jokes that are drier than the Atacama Desert.

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