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How football is changing lives of Indian slum girls


By Monica Sarkar

As soon as I heard about Franz Gastler, I had to find out more. A middle-class American man, living in India’s poorest state of Jharkhand, teaching young girls football and helping them gain independence.

When I met him, he was expanding his initiative to Dharavi slum – India’s largest slum – whilst living there too.

Read my article on the BBC website and watch this space for a potential documentary and book.

Find out more about Franz’s initiative Yuwa – meaning youth in Hindi.

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What is a football match like in India?

Believe it or not, India is not just a cricket-crazy nation; football has been played since the 19th century when British soldiers introduced the sport to the country. And according to marketing experts, football is India’s second most popular sport today – after cricket.

So what is a football match like in India? I went to a game in Kolkata, the founding city of the sport, where a revered footballer’s last match pulled in a crowd of 30,000. Here’s my review (click on image to enlarge):

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Kick It Out: “Unless you’re a white male footballer, you are subject to discrimination.”

KEVIN COLEMAN – GRASSROOTS Development Officer for Kick It Out – spoke with journalists today after video footage of a clash between John Terry and QPR’s Anton Ferdinand sparked a racism debate on Twitter.

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