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World Press Freedom Day: Don’t shoot the messenger


As you read this, three Al-Jazeera journalists remain behind bars in Egypt, accused of false reporting and aiding the Muslim Brotherhood. And figures have shown that at least 70 journalists were killed globally in 2013, with 28 dead in Syria. These brave reporters put their lives on the firing line to bring the news to the eyes of the world. 

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Never ask a child what they want to be when they grow up

Creator unknown

Creator unknown

“Where has the year gone?!” exclaim many of us, as Christmas decorations twinkle at us from high street shop windows (okay, they’ve actually been there since August) and we start reflecting on 10 fleeting months.

But for many people, especially university and college students, this is just the beginning of the rest of their lives. Chances are, days upon days were spent scouring through books, deciding on the perfect subject of study, along with soul-searching as though they were lost at sea. Continue reading

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