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MLK’s speech 50 years on: Has racism become smarter?

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Fifty years ago today, Martin Luther King, Jr. gave his momentous, stirring speech “I have a dream”.  But do we listen, feel elevated and inspired, but then ignore it like a dream forgotten as soon as we wake up? And in the process, is racism just getting smarter at subsisting?

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Sense of London

What does London feel like?
What does London sound like?
What does London look like?
How does it taste?
How does it smell?

Explore London via the five senses, plus also the sixth!


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Animal farm in London

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Londoners are used to spotting pigeons pecking along pavements and train platforms, dogs on leashes and surly cats roaming the streets. But they rarely get the chance to get close to animals.

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Returning to our roots: Emigrating to India

Photographed by Monica Sarkar. Some rights reserved – see below.

INDIANS HAVE FLED in their millions in pursuit of the greener side of the globe. In 2006, an estimated 25 million people of Indian origin lived overseas.

So it’s not surprising to find more than a few raised eyebrows when this trend started to shift and there is an increased number of UK residents packing up their lives and settling in India. Continue reading

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Will we see another snow white London this year?

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Snow in the city

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