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Dalai Lama at the University of Westminster, London

Photographed by Alexandra Buerger: http://alexbuerger.wordpress.com

There are many people who are able to draw and hold attention, but very few that can also command peace. The moment the jovial Dalai Lama stepped onto the modest stage at the University of Westminster in London, the entire audience sighed with joy and then silence fell on us all.

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Smooth Criminals: The sophisticated tiger trade

The tiger trade is one of the largest criminal networks in the world, fetching around $10 billion a year. Comparatively, the cocaine trade is worth $70 billion, placing the two infamous industries on a similar scale.

The tiger parts trade is extremely complex and highly sophisticated, making it a tricky trade to understand and eradicate. And the fact that the Chinese government turns a blind eye means it continues to flourish in the background.

There used to be over 100,000 tigers roaming freely in the wild by the 20th century. Now, there are around 3,200 left. And counting. The mightiest animal in the jungle is now also the most vulnerable.

The reason for the decline? Human(un)kind – please hold your bloody hands up.

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